Lost & Found Policy

The Williamsburg Libraries are not responsible for items left behind by library users. However, the libraries will track items that have been reported lost or found, attempt to return items to owners when possible, and dispose of unclaimed items.

The libraries will attempt to notify patrons of materials left behind in the building or in the book drop if there is identification. Items shall be dated when possible, with the patron’s name, and whether they have been contacted. If we are able to get in touch with the proper owner, he/she will be informed as to how long we will hold the item. If a patron does acknowledge the library’s notification, the patron must retrieve the items as soon as possible. All lost & found items will be stored in the lost & found drawer. If we do not hear from the patron after two months, we may dispose of the item.

When the libraries deem appropriate, in order to claim certain items such as credit/debit cards, owners must present a valid form of photo identification matching that of the item in question.

Hazardous and perishable items such as food, personal care products, water bottles, etc., will be discarded immediately, or kept for 7 days, at the discretion of the staff.

Flash drives left in the library will be held for 30 days. Due to patron privacy library staff will not access data saved on flash drives to determine ownership. After 30 days, flash drives will be destroyed and discarded.

Documents left in library copy machines and scanners will be kept for 7 days then shredded.


approved 7/17/2017