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STEAMCraft: Trees and Leaves
Saturday, September 21st
10:30 am - Noon

Drop in to learn about trees, leaves, and the changing of the seasons. A variety of crafts will be available, recommended for ages 3 and up.
Meekins Cabinet of Curiosities
Scott Haskins- Metal Detecting for Historical Finds and Coins
Metal Detecting for Historical Finds and Coins
Thanks for checking out some of my finds. Some people scratch their heads and wonder how a middle-aged guy ends up wandering forests and fields with a metal detector in hand. Isn't that an old-dude kind of hobby? Well, it started with a retired guy - my father. He was really into "treasure hunting" and I was looking to spend more time with him, so I tagged along, using one of his old detectors. After a few trips, I was hooked. 
I have always been a history buff, especially early American and military history. The treasures I seek are generally of little financial value, but rich in history. The first time I held a U.S. large cent was incredible. I'd found it in the middle of the woods, behind my home in Chesterfield, MA. 
Hiking and spending time in the forest has been important to me since I was a kid. So I often wander off looking for old home sites and cellar holes. When I find a new site, I can't wait to go back with my detector. And it's terrific when my ten year old son joins me.
Some of the best locations to find these hints of the past are around old houses. It's tough to get up the nerve to approach a stranger at their home, and ask if I can metal detect their property. But, once they realize I'm not going to leave gaping holes in their yard (a good detectorist respects the landscape) most people are interested and a few are even excited. It has led to some of my oldest coins and relics. I've also found several items that seem to belong to the property or family, in which case I give them to the home owner. One notable example was an 1850's sterling pocket watch in Ashfield, MA.
I do not sell what I find. I search because I enjoy holding something in my hand that has been in the ground for 150+ years. 

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2019 Hurricane Season
Disaster Relief Resources
About ACORN TV - streaming video service
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