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Meeting Rooms and Gallery Space
Hawks~Hayden Community Room

The sign on the door to the Hawks~Hayden Community Room reads:

"This room is given in honor of William A. Hawks and Annie J. Hawks who created Williamsburg’s first library in their home on North Main Street and Anna Isabella Hayden who donated the Haydenville Library. They gave the pleasure of books and ideas, and the places to share them, to the people of Williamsburg."

The room fulfills another goal of its donors by providing a fully accessible community room within the public library. The Trustees of the Williamsburg Libraries welcome use of the Hawks~Hayden Community Room. The Neil Hammer Gallery is located in the Hawks~Hayden room.

The Meeting Rooms Policy outlines the guidlines for use and availability of the space.

Specific procedures for the use of the Hawks~Hayden Room.

A Media Cabinet with a projector, DVD player, and speaker are available upon request. Instructions for use:
How to Use the Projector with a Laptop
How to Use of the Projector with a DVD player

Meeting Room Application