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 Neil Hammer Gallery

The Neil Hammer Gallery, located in the Hawks~Hayden Room at the Meekins Library, is named for Williamsburg photographer, Neil Hammer, who died in a tragic plane crash in August, 1998. Neil loved chronicling Williamsburg, its people, its landscapes, its buildings, and his passing left a rent in the fabric of the town.

The gallery is available at no charge to local artists, photographers, and crafts people. The gallery is scheduled for one month at a time per artist. Only family-friendly artwork is considered. Meekins Library serves as a public library to community members of all ages and also as the school library for the children of Williamsburg.

Exhibitors must read Specific procedures for the use of the Hawks~Hayden Room pertaining to the Neil Hammer Gallery, the Gallery notes below, as well as the full Meeting Rooms Policy and sign and return the acknowlegment with their Reservation form.

Dimensioned Photos of the Hawks~Hayden Room and Neil Hammer Gallery

Gallery Notes

Dual use:
The room may be used as meeting/activity space during your show and contains lots of furniture. To avoid having your work bumped or partly concealed when furniture is pushed against the walls, make sure all of it hangs at least 42” above the floor and allows the projection screen to be lowered.

The two long narrow tables and the shallow counters in the north and south alcoves may be used as display space for three-dimensional work. If desired, one of the tables may be placed against the north wall provided that use of the screen is not impeded. The other should remain against the east wall.

Hanging System-
Three sides of the room (N, S, E) are fitted with museum-quality track and rod AS hanging systems. Twenty 60" and twenty-four 72" J-End rods, each with two or more hangers, are available for hanging work. Each rod has a weight capacity of 70lbs. The tracks from which they hang are rated at 300lbs/6" section.

The library has several wooden panels to which very small works can be attached for display. They are unfinished natural pine boards. Two are 96” x 16”, two are 54” x 11”, one is 96” x 11", and one is 60" x 11”. They may be hung from the J-Rods. Just ask if you want to use them.

The west wall of the room is all windows and doors — there’s no wall display space.

The library has a tall ladder. Let us know if you will need to use it.

  • Allowance for lowering the projection screen must be made when displaying work on the north wall and on any table placed in front of that wall.
  • Nothing may be hung in front of any of the switches, outlets, thermostats or other devices on the walls.
  • Work may not be hung directly on the walls or windows.

Exhibitor responsibilities:

The exhibitor is responsible for installing, labeling, and removing the exhibit promptly on the agreed upon dates. All displays/exhibits must be set up and removed with as little interference as possible to the daily operations of the Library. Once the exhibit is installed, changes may be made only with Library approval. No direct mounting of materials is permitted on the walls or windows of the Hawks~Hayden Room. The exhibitor must be identified by name within the display. All materials are displayed at the exhibitor's own risk. The library is not responsible for any losses or damage of artwork. Damages to the premises, equipment or furnishings as a result of exhibitor use will be charged to the individual or group responsible. 

Press Releases:
The library sends out press releases to local media. Several weeks in advance of the opening date, the artist must provide a brief statement and publicity photos for this purpose.

Opening Receptions:
Artists may send announcements/invitations, and/or provide for an opening reception at their own expense. The artist must schedule this event with the library in advance to avoid conflicts with other groups using the space. The exhibit areas are open to the public only during the regular open hours of the library unless by special arrangement.

Admission and Sales:
Exhibitors using display spaces may not charge an admission fee.
The library shall not be responsible for handling any money from the sale of items displayed. Exhibitors who desire to sell items shall include as part of their displays information on how to purchase items. Any items sold during a display period shall remain on display until all items are scheduled to be removed. If works are sold, the library expects a donation of 10% of the proceeds.