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Meekins will be closed Saturday, September 5th

The Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement® FREE CLASS
Gentle Movement Classes help
retrain your system
★develop greater body awareness
★increase energy & vitality
★reduce pain and stress
★improve posture, balance & coordination

Meekins Library
Saturday, September 12
12:00 - 1:30 class,
with question and answers
🌀 Please bring blanket or
towel for lying on the floor

Kate Stevenson

Flotsam Weirs 2
Nikki Gardner & Todd Lynch
The Flotsam Weirs 2 installation explores overlaid ecological
communities and site/non-site dynamics. It integrates film projection
from the original weirs installation next to the Mill River that
was inspired by social geography and ecology with materials from
the landscape found in Williamsburg woven into a weir (a kind of
This program is sponsored by the Williamsburg Cultural Council as part of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Meekins Library 
August 28–October 19, 2015


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